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The first part of my life is summed up in sports and more precisely in football. 

Leaving the family circle at a very early age to perfect my training, sport has always been an integral part of my life and has instilled in me several values such as:

  • the surpassing of oneself

  • organization

  • and attention to detail. 

These qualities, which I believe characterize me, help me in my daily work and life.


Hairdressing has always been a field that I love since my childhood.

Reconverted for more than 10 years, I have the chance today to live of my second passion as a hairdresser.

Always listening and in contact with a more than varied clientele, I was able to realize the needs and expectations of each, added to that, a need for independence and freedom.

I am pleased to present you "My Customized Concept".

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